Empowered Relationships

Relating from Freedom


Available in French & English

Empowered Relationships

Let your romantic relationships become a vehicle for freedom


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We are the creator of our experiences in our relationships.

Lots of us forget and get caught up in repeated cycles.

There is no mistakes, just more or less pleasant experiences.

We can choose to empower ourselves and shift the way we relate with others.

This is for those who are curious about bringing in more empowerment into your relationships.

What we bring into the relationship changes everything… What do you want to bring?

« Make magic happen, 
allow yourself to co-create powerful relationships. »

Christian & Anne-Claire

Our journey together will include:

  • Self Explorations
  • Relating Exercises
  • Journal exercises to create more clarity
  • Guide to creating an agreement letter
  • EFT sessions (emotional freedom technique)
  • Breathwork online (replay)
  • Meditations for inquiry and awareness
  • Forgiveness tools

Are you ready for the relationship you ever wanted?
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5 modules

Each module contains an introduction video, explorations and experiences to dive deeper.

Module 1 : Beliefs & Wounds

Understanding our emotional wounds that get triggered in relationships so that we can experience more freedom, safety and can empower each other.

Module 2 : Forgiveness & Cutting cords

How to live in the present and not be hunted by the past. Letting go of what is not serving you and your partner anymore. 

Module 3 : Needs & Self-Empowerment

Moving from waiting for others to fulfill our needs to empowering ourselves to meet them first.

Module 4 : Vision & Values

Getting clear on what is actually driving us, what is important to us and how we want to live our life that is aligned with what we honor.

Module 5 : Agreement letter

What it means to be in a relationship and how to integrate the insights to create a relationship that will serve to more freedom.


A breathwork session (replay) to enhance our awareness of our bodily wisdom and bring in more clarity.



    In addition to the course, you will have access to the following bonuses:
  • Couple’s meditation (in French and in English)

Enjoy this meditation that you can do with your partner or with a friend! Shift the way you witness the other person and offer them space for growth.


  • 78 questions to create beautiful inquiries

Great questions lead to deep explorations, you can use them for self knowledge and/or to go deeper into conversations with a partner. 



169 € 

Payment plan available

2 instalments: 90 € per instalment (total 180 €) 


The videos of the program have been recorded in English and French subtitles have been added to the videos.
Exercises are written in English and in French.
English and French meditations are available in audio. Breathwork is available both in English and French.



Early in their relationship they questioned what it meant to them to be in a relationship. They re-evaluated western spoken and unspoken agreements of relationship and created their own agreements - their own understanding of being in a relationship. This journey brought them to dive into psychological and spiritual facets of romantic relationships, into learning about their needs and how to have open and honest conversations about them. They are both entrepreneurs, their success is not only based on their own accomplishments, it is partly the result of being in an empowered relationship that supports them to thrive.


Anne-Claire is a coach and trainer for coaches, author, creator of empowerment and awakening programs, on a mission to help humanity live a little more from the heart space every day. She started as a naturopathic practitioner and opened up to a broader view of health including all areas of life.



Christian is a transformational & trauma-informed coach. He has a deep-seated curiosity for self-exploration practices that help us to dive into the inner worlds and his mission is to support individuals to create a life based on their own terms.


It is for you if:

  • You are already in a beautiful & nourishing relationship and want to bring it to the next level
  • You are single and you want to be ready for your next relationship and you don’t know how
  • You want to re-evaluate what it means to be in a relationship
  • You seek more self-mastery and autonomy
  • You want to be in a relationship in which both are striving and standing in their power.
  • You have already some awareness about what you bring in a relationship
  • You want to create your relationships from your heart
  • You are willing to be vulnerable
  • You are ready to face what you truly want and own it
  • You feel trapped rather than free in a relationship
  • You have an ambitious vision for a relationship but you are not pro-actively creating them

"Thank you for this short program. I learned very much about myself. I have to see the good in myself and I have to love myself, and I have to let people enter my heart/in my soul. I realized that I am not alone with bad feelings, bad experiences, with fears. I feel freedom and love." About Conscious Loving, published in 2019 by Christian & Anne-Claire

"A deep dive into my consciousness to understand what really drives me in love and relationships. Very helpful to identify past failures and better understand what I'm looking for, and what I need to be aligned in love. Stepping for unconditional love."

"Christian and Anne Claire are authentic and wholehearted. Their work is truly embodied and it shows. They took us on a personal journey inside our psyche. Really interesting."

"โ€‹โ€‹Taking this time to identify our beliefs, understand our love patterns, and step back from our vision of love is essential to living it fully in our lives. Conscious loving brings these things to light. I became aware of my path, of my misguidance, of what belongs to me and what does not. We should all go through this to respect what our heart tells us. Thank you both for facilitating these moments of introspection."

I want to bring my relationship to the next level!
I am ready for it